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Jean Spence
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Textiles, lino printing. painting.

I have always been interested in the arts, but it was not until I joined Edan in 2008 that I began to consider seriously how I might develop my own creative practice. Previously, as a youth and community work practitioner and teacher I had been involved in community arts, and I continue to be interested in the potential of the arts within informal education and community development work.

I joined Edan in 2008 on the basis of my interest in creative writing and photography, but my contact with other Edan artists encouraged me to think about how I might use other skills and interests more creatively.

These included everything from the knitting and embroidery I learned as a child, through my interest in local landscape and wild flowers, to my knowledge of historical and social research methods. Through Edan I have also learned to use other media such as calligraphy, collage and lino printing. I have become particularly interested in Lino printing and textiles.

Art for me is primarily a means of communicating and connecting with others. I want my finished pieces to say something about how I see and understand the world. I want them to include ideas and perhaps contain different layers of meaning, but I don’t want the work to be difficult or obscure. It makes me happy if the viewer identifies with what I have done and I am especially happy if some reflection and conversation emerges from that. ​

More of Jean's work can be found at

Last aspring
When somebody is drowning
Myrtle MacPherson: Vane Tempest Vigil 1993
Rocky's World. Lino print
Yesterday's edge
The ancients
Blast Pool
Ryhope Stack
Noses Point 1
Holding it Together
Coping with Lockdown
Blasted and Worn
Blast History's Witness
At the Edge of Time
7th Wave
Broken threads
First Response
Woolies Best
Sky Moon
Mend our broken threads
Solstice Sunrise
Rock Pool
Noses Point from Nanny Goat's Path
Golden Seams
Catching Dawn
Blast Top
Five sisters Vessel 4
After the storm
Saving the ship of dreams
St Johns Church
Old and New
Mag Lime Rocks
The Fall
Ghost hedge
Under the Sea 1
Sea Coal
Noses Point 2
Lord of the Seas
By Beacon Hill
Blast Top Morning
Twisted Seams
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