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As a member you will be offered opportunities to:

  • develop your creative practice in a friendly and supportive environment. 

  • exhibit and sell work at the EDAN Gallery and in external exhibitions organised locally, nationally and internationally 

  • access EDAN organised workshops and related activities

  • access EDAN Gallery facilities and resources

  • profile your art via the EDAN website

  • receive regular emails with  information about relevant events and activities

  • be part of a growing and thriving organisation with an excellent reputation for high quality and locally relevant creative activity


Participating as a member

EDAN operates as a collaborative network and it works through the active participation of members. It is expected that those who join will, where possible: 

  • participate in exhibitions and skill sharing sessions/workshops

  • share their skills and interests with other members through related activities and learn from the skills and interests of other members

  • offer some time to help in curating, installing, invigilating and promoting exhibitions 

  • act as ambassadors for the organisation in other situations


Responsibilities of members


EDAN is an interest and friendship-based network. We hope that all members will be able to develop their interests and act towards each other and to the general public in a spirit of friendship. However, there are some responsibilities related to the legal status of EDAN as a Not-For-Profi Limited Company. Its committee members are classified as Directors of the company and there is a legally sanctioned constitution applicable to its status. The Constitution is available for consultation in a file in the EDAN Gallery.


As a publicly accountable organisation, all members must: 


  • ​​work within the law

  • observe the terms of EDAN’s organisational policies including Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities and the Role of Volunteers

  • operate with the Aims and Objectives as set out in the Business Plan which can only be changed by a majority decision of members at monthly meetings.

  • use appropriate systems for decision making, discussion and complaint. 


Anyone over the age of 18 with an interest in arts and creativity is welcome to join. 

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