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Agnieszka Wood


BA in Education with Music.

Growing up in a very artistic household near Warsaw in Poland writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, ceramics, furniture making and music, was all around my brother and I.

For some strange reason in my late teens, I picked music (piano and harpsichord) as subject to study at academic level.

After moving to France, then to Scotland and finally to North East of England nearly 40 years ago, I continued with my music studies as well as English Language. For many years, I worked as a Peripatetic Pianist, Piano teacher, Tutor for Adults as well as Polish Language tutor and Teaching Assistant for Ethnic Minority children.

Due to a combination of different issues over the last 4 years, including the pandemic, reaching retirement age and personal circumstances I finally found time to do my passion: art. 


I joined a group of women at “Sangini" (meaning a friend), South Shields who promoted art and helped to freeing my mind and finding my preferred way to express my art which led to developing a passion and skill of felting.

My pieces were exhibited at Sunderland Winter Garden & Museum, Art Centre in Washington, Customs House in South Shields and Central Library in Newcastle upon Tyne.

My favourite technique (since early childhood) is to draw using inks & nib and fine brush. I also paint and use pencil.

My favourite subject is flowers and the majority of all my work is unique as it’s from my inner imagination. Life forms or/ and abstract forms based on my observation of nature and always drawing while listening to music.

Since joining EDAN I am looking forward to broadening my appreciation of many different forms of art as well as widening my tastes and knowledge.


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