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Rosa Fox

Rosa Fox

Always having a keen interest working with my hands, especially creating something out of what would not be used because it is old or broken.


Then I met my late husband who was a Viking reactor, in fact his title was Northern Sheriff as he created the re-enactment group over thirty years ago. His love became mine in that I started to create Viking Knit jewellery. This method of creating jewellery has been used for centuries as you can imagine, it is delicate yet strong,


I love working with recycled sterling silver wire as I know it does not take more from mother nature.


It is mainly my hobby, which I love and I create commissions either from Viking Knit or wherever my imagination takes me. I prefer everything I create to be either made by me including the chains, clasps and pendants, however I love recycling broken silver, looking for antique bits and bobs to create something unique.

More of my work can be found on my Instagram account 


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