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Lavinia Humphries
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I describe my recent work as big, bold and bright.
I am lucky to have lived in the Blackhall area all my life in respect to having the glorious coast on one side and beautiful countryside on the other which is inspirational to me. I have loved art since my early childhood and my ambition in my adult years was to take my interest further. I loved the idea of reading and researching the lives of all the great old and modern painters, so when the opportunity to leave my employment as a visual merchandiser came I applied and subsequently gained a B A in fine art at Sunderland.

I have quite a diverse approach to painting and take pleasure in painting everything from modern abstract to old school. My recent paintings have been reconstructing old Dutch masters and creating new large scale floral works. I paint these onto a black base which creates an under painting with a sense of volume and dimension, then apply multiple layers of transparent paint giving the illusion of depth. I use oils mostly and lately I have been painting on large pieces of Perspex which gives a smooth base, allowing the paint to be blended and feathered to achieve a brush free finish.

Just Another Day
Arrangement 1
Lindisfarne Abbey
Homage to the Dutch Masters 2
Comforting To Know
Seaham harbour at work
Seaham harbour present
Anyone for Coffee
Deconstructing a Deer
Walking on history
Seaham Colliery
Iron Ladies
Arrangement 2
A New Beginning
Homage to the Dutch Masters 1
Seaham harbour past
United we stood
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