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Hi, hopefully i'm doing this right, as its the first time i've attempted to use this site.

I joined Edan 2 weeks ago as i'm into arts and crafts (especially woodturning) and especially in relation to being NE born and bred. Starting as a fitter at Herrington Colliery, I loved the comradeship, the crack and working with big heavy machinery. Coal mining is in my blood and i love the history of it all today. I worked in Engineering all my working life here in the UK and abroad in New Zealand and latterly in West Australia before returning home in 2018. In New Zealand I joined the Christchurch Woodturning club where they put me through a woodturning course, learning the techniques and all associated with making beautiful artifacts. Working in a primarily man made materials industry all my life, working with natural materials has been a joy!

My aim now is to utilise my coal mining heritage within my woodturning, - watch this space.

I've attached some pics of my current work, (hopefully successfully).





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