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Artist's Statement

Kathleen taught art-related disciplines for many years starting with floristry and this extends to the influence of the 3 dimensional quality of her artwork. Going on to gain a BA (Hons) Fine Arts Degree in 2010. Since then her passion has been in the therapeutic process of doing and making and blending her skills she has evolved her work to become more graphic in quality to complement a self-published journal whilst undergoing further study in counselling moving on to an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy in 2022. The book is a grief guide for teens aged 12-25, an underrepresented group of young people; supporting our future generation. More information can be found at

Kathleen is a decorated artist with a multitude of art-related disciplines under her proverbial belt. The 3-dimensional aspects of her work are firmly rooted in her background as a successful florist, combining botany and artisanal elements into breath-taking textural art pieces. Teaching art and floristry for 20 years, Kathleen has a concrete comprehension of both disciplines. Her understanding and appreciation of art were enriched by completing a BA (Hons) Fine Arts Degree in 2010. Following this, Kathleen delved into the recesses of the mind by becoming a psychotherapist, completing various programs in counselling, and leading her to the Master's in Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Most would consider the magnum opus of her creative potential to be the Grief Episode Guide for Teens, a fully interactive self-help companion for individuals aged between 12-25 for their journey through the process of loss, however, that might manifest. With her comprehension of both the mind and the intrinsic potency of artistic therapy, Kathleen has created something to finally serve a severely overlooked portion of society. More information can be found at

Email:, mobile 07753270743

Contact, mobile 07753270743.

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