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Victoria Leeks


Artist's Statement

BA Hons Glass and Ceramics  MA Glass and Ceramics        

My main medium is Ceramics but also like Lino cutting, eco printing and collagraph printing. I think my style is recognisable either in ceramics and printing. I use Porcelain Paper clay in ceramics which I either glaze in a red glaze or leave ‘naked’  I love making, whether it is ceramics or printing and I like to show pieces for exhibitions and edan gives me the outlet to show my work     

I am interested in Asia and this has influenced my work over the years. Also the coast has interested me as I have lived near the coast where ever I have moved to. I also love plants and birds.     

My mother was born in the North East to a mining family. When we left Hong Kong we came back to live here. I love living in this part of the country and feel I have come back to my roots.     

When I left University in 2007 I didn’t know where to go next. A good friend suggested joining edan and I have been a member ever since. Edan has given me the confidence to push myself and as I love making art, this fits in with my life style.  ​  

More of Victoria's work can be found at  ​

EDAN Member Artist information

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