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George Browell


Artist's Statement

I have painted a variety of subjects for many years, using mainly watercolours, oils and acrylics.

Although my previous works were mostly done in a realistic style, I have gradually moved to a looser style, emphasizing the abstract qualities and the personal brushstrokes that make my work what it is.  I now mostly paint pure abstract and semi abstract works, where I have more freedom to use form and colour and my own interpretation of the subject without the tightening and restricting effect of trying to achieve a photographic likeness, which could probably be better achieved by a photograph anyway. I want my work to incorporate my own personal style of colour, movement, energy and mark making. 

I have exhibited here in the UK and in Spain and I have taught Art to adults.  I have a BA and an MA in Fine Art gained at Sunderland University. Examples of my work can be seen on my website

EDAN Member Artist information

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