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Liz Lees

Liz Lees.jpg

See It   Draw It   Paint It

When I see something – anything – I very quickly use simple lines to draw it. It is a reminder of the occasion, event, location, feeling, laughter. The sketch may then be used as a basis for a painting.


I prefer to paint in oils, often using the freedom of a palette knife on canvas.

Paintings are small single figures with no faces, or larger paintings with more people telling a story, or expressive landscapes. Paintings will become prints - cards, A4, A3 and larger.


Zoology and Botany A Levels demanded accurate drawing skills.

As a member of Equity Design Register I work on large projects.

My writing and acting in theatre and TV on environmental issues and in entertainment is a lot of fun, meeting and working with many different people.


As a day job I have been an NVQ Assessor for Cultural Heritage based in the V&A and working with young Apprentices across many London Galleries.


Moving frequently means sketches and paintings are from life in London, Stonehaven, Morecambe, South Wales and now Seaham.  


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