Jean Lowes

I joined EDAN in 1997 and retired from teaching a year later to resume my creative career.  I became Chairperson in 2014 before retiring in 2019.

Art is a way of life for me from doodling on the newspaper to creating large canvasses. Patterns jump out at me, from bar codes on receipts to glorious textures in mountainous and rugged areas of the natural world.

The best response to one of my works I have had was from a lady who bought one of my works through an outside exhibition. She promptly hung it in her living room and sent me a photo of it in situ saying how much she loved looking at it.

Initially, I painted using oil and acrylic.  I have over the years expanded my use of mediums and different approaches some of which I have developed through my own experimentation.

My inspiration comes from the natural coastal environment of Seaham and I produce work which interprets the varied pattern and line in evidence along the coastline.

Edan seeks also to develop imagery from a community and heritage angle. Exhibitions are developed through many kinds of research and provide a pictorial and educational perspective for the general public. I find this way of working stimulating and challenging and it promotes collaboration of the different disciplines of the member artists.

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