Anne Murphy

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Without realising it, as a child, I was immersed in creativity. My maternal grandmother was a tailoress, my father was a carpenter and my mother knitted, stitched (embroidery) and made our clothes. Sitting idly, without a piece of stitch/knitting in our hands was not an option!  The gene continues in my daughter & niece both of whom attended art school and are self-employed in the creative world. 


For many years I have dabbled in textiles/dressmaking, then more recently 'stitch', attending courses when available; in recent years taking advantage of the online world. Since retirement, other than textiles, my creative world has followed a watercolour, acrylic and more recently monoprint path. I enjoy collage and colour is very important in my work, inspiration has come from daily dog walks in our glorious countryside & coast; it is a rare day when something creative is not attempted. I also take advantage of visiting galleries locally or occasionally abroad.