Hazel Bailey

My name is Hazel Bailey and I love to paint using mainly acrylics and inks. The great outdoors, especially by the sea, plays a big part in my life and it’s a recurring theme in my artwork. I’m lucky to be able to walk  the Durham coast, where I live, most days. I studied fine art and graduated with BA Hons at Sunderland University and now I paint as a way to express myself, as much as possible. 


Texture excites me. I enjoy painting heavily textured canvases and the process of building up many layers really appeals to me. I also love to use lots of colour. I’d like viewers to become immersed in my paintings, to be able to spend a lot of time looking at them and see lots of different elements. I’m constantly inspired and I’m always creating something. 


More of Hazel's work can be found on her Instagram page - @hazelbaileyart