Rebecca Appleton

My medium of choice at the moment is coloured pencil and pen. I love adding fine details and patterns over the top of colour and my pen pieces have a distinctive style.

I work across a range of media and usually my mood, and whatever has inspired me to create, dictates which medium I choose to work with. I produce work using acrylics, pastels, linoprinting, collagraphs and textiles.

My inspiration can come from anywhere really...a photograph I have taken, a walk along the beach, a stone with an interesting pattern on it, an expression of a feeling or mood, a 'call out' or competition with a theme that resonates, my dreams or random doodles. Sometimes an idea or image, or part of an image can just pop into my mind, seemingly from nowhere.

My style of working depends on what medium I'm using at the time. As a trained primary school teacher I think one of my main strengths as an artist is my ability to get in touch with my 'inner child', and to embrace the joy that comes from play and experimentation.

When finances allow, I attend a variety of art workshops to learn new skills and to develop my existing knowledge. At the moment I am completing an 'Introduction to Fine Art' course at Middlesbrough University.

My discovery of art has been truly transformative! Having struggled with depression and anxiety since my teenage years, I have found that creating art helps me to focus my mind, and distracts me from any negative thoughts I might be experiencing. Becoming completely absorbed in my creative process acts as a form of meditation and allows me to express myself in a positive way.

Through my involvement with a charity and my social media accounts I have been able to exhibit and sell some of my work, and recently I was one of eighty artists chosen to be included in a book.

Looking forward, this year I plan to create as much art as possible, to design my artist website and to start making prints of my work and to gain a further qualification in fine art.

If you'd like to contact me or to view more of my work please visit my Facebook or Instagram account.