Emma Cutting

BTEC ND in Photography

BSC Psychology

I use a variety of media including photography, embroidery, and painting, mainly in acrylics on 3d or textured canvas and surfaces. I also work with watercolours, fine liners and pens.


I am interested in the abstract, trying to portray emotions and certain concepts and theory in art. Currently my work has a 3D element to it. I  experiment and change my style according to what I want to show/or am interested in at the time.

 In my art work, I try to give a platform that is unique to the individual viewing the art, using vivid colours in an array of combinations to convey thought. It is often abstract but I like the thought of each individual coming to their own conclusion about the subject matter. 


Sunderland is my home town and I have lived there all my life. I love living in a city that is so close to the sea side and the quiet reflection and wonder that can be brought by spending time there.  I have often visited and spent time in Seaham.

 I have been a member of Edan for a few months and already I have been included in so much. I like being part of such a welcoming group. There is so much to get involved with and I think it has pushed me to get more out of myself as an artist with all the different projects, ideas and workshops there is during the year.


I am also interested in writing and am part of Holmeside writers group. I sometimes  combine my writing with my art work.

 I have always been interested in art and after taking a break from it during university,   since finishing my degree, I have been slowly developing my interest in art again. I look forward to  developing my style and to seeing where it takes me.