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Peter Hemming

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All artists must have heard this one, when someone says to you, 'I can't paint, you're so lucky to have the gift'. My response is usually, 'anyone can paint, it's what you get out of it that counts, and what you should get out of it is Enjoyment' with a capital E. And it's not always Easy; that's with a capital E too?Because painting is creative it means I'm learning all the time, but that learning didn't really manifest itself until I started working with oil paints: it was like being born again!For years I had dabbled on and off with watercolours, and because I always carried sketch pads and pencils I especially loved the freedom of sitting down, or standing, when and where I pleased, to capture what was in front of me; I carried a camera too!I, and many of my fellow painters, have our favorite artists and are influenced by their works, but I'm also influenced by me, and my work. There's nothing like the challenge staring at a blank canvas on theeasel, deciding where to start and continuing the journey in paint, and then there's the end bit; knowing when to stop; to call it finished.Creating something from nothing is a great feeling; for me it's the feeling of success. My definition of the word success is: achieving what I set out to achieve, and because I'm self taught I'm really proud of what I've achieved over the years. The years of learning and looking. And after living in such diverse locations: Worcestershire, Cornwall, London, Swindon(Wiltshire) the Greek island of Kefalonia, the Auvergne region of France; I'm finally here in the north east; at EDAN.It's been a long journey, and furthermore I still believe that anyone can paint.Find out more about me at


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